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Senior Business Development Manager - successfully fulfilled

Financial Industries, Development Bank The Hague

Our client is a Dutch development bank, it has invested in the private sector in developing countries and emerging markets for over more than 46 years. They believe that entrepreneurship is key in creating sustainable economic growth and improving people’s quality of life. They therefore finance businesses, projects and financial institutions in developing and emerging markets, with the aim of supporting sustainable private sector development.

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For creating more partnerships for added value the Project Development ('PPD') team, is looking for a 
Senior Business Development Officer to support and build the Partnerships for Project Development team and help Business NL take it to the next level. Your role consists of three core functions: 

Dutch market development: 

  • Identify, engage and build relationships with Dutch companies who could best benefit from partnerships/PPD resources; 
  • Support and assist in developing their business development strategy within the PPD mandate; 
  • Identify and support relationships with Dutch companies and potential non-Dutch international, regional or local project sponsors.

In-country deal identification and development, which is the focus of your role: 

  • Build an active pipeline of suitable transactions in focus countries, 
  • Identify and develop quality transactions through select early stage finance, engagement with an acceptable consortium, developing an appropriate financial and transaction structure,  Develop transactions through: 
  • appropriate contractual engagement with key role players, including securing a Mandated Lead Arranger role where possible; 
  • effective financial participation in feasibility studies; 
  • migrating successful projects to the Export and Investment Solutions team; 
  • ensuring the sustainability of the PPD funds are essential - identify and implement an appropriate risk and project monitoring. 

Strategic and Public entity engagement: 

  • Partner Relations - develop and identify productive relationships and create synergies with other entities in key sectors that can create mutually beneficial opportunities for PPD; 
  • Public entity relations - identify and develop strategic relations with key partners. Including Dutch public entity and government relationships as well as multi-national and in-country relations; 
  • Develop effective relationships with the Dutch embassy network. 



  • MSc degree and post graduate qualifications either in finance, economics or law, or a key focus sector; 
  • Self-starting mentality with execution power; 
  • Experience working with Public or Project Finance, Multilateral and Development Finance Institutions, Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) / Private Risk Insurers (PRI) and private market funders; 
  • Technical, operational or field experience or qualifications a plus; 
  • Excellent project and relationship management skills; 
  • Affinity with supporting the Dutch business sector in emerging markets; 
  • Good communication skills and affinity with building networks inside and outside the FMO organization, well able to connect people; 
  • Good English and speaking and writing skills; one or more additional foreign languages are a plus; 
  • A desire to create more than profit alone and a passion for FMO's mission. 

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