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Norinchukin - Head of Internal Auditor - successfully fulfilled

Norinchukin Amsterdam

Our client is one of Japan’s leading institutional investors with an investment portfolio of more than US$400 billion and assets exceeding US$840 billion. Through overseas branches located in New York City, London, and Singapore, the bank invests in bond, securitization product, stock, private equity, and real estate.

In 2019Q1 Norinchukin has opened a new office in Amsterdam; the European subsidiary of this Global Financial Institution, focussing on capital markets and corporate banking.

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  • Develop the Audit Plan, using an effective risk-based methodology, and with input of key stakeholders (Management Board, Audit and Risk Committee, external auditor, regulators and Senior Managers). The Audit Plan includes audit for the ICAAP/ILAAP as well as IT.
  • Submit, at least annually, to the CEO and the Audit and Risk Committee a risk-based internal audit plan for review and approval.
  • Share periodically the audit plan and result and collaborate with the Parent.
  • Communicate to the CEO and the Audit and Risk Committee the impact of resource limitations on the internal audit plan.
  • Review and adjust the internal audit plan, as necessary, in response to changes in the Bank's business, risks, operations, programs, systems, and controls.
  • Communicate to the CEO and the Audit and Risk Committee any significant interim changes to the internal audit plan.
  • Execute the Audit Plan and ensure each engagement of the internal audit plan is executed, including the establishment of objectives and scope, the assignment of appropriate and adequately supervised resources, the documentation of work programs and testing results, and the communication of engagement results with applicable conclusions and recommendations to appropriate parties.
  • Report significant findings identified by Internal Audit, together with recommendations for improvement to the Management Board, the Audit and Risk Committee and the Parent.
  • Monitor implementation of agreed management actions to mitigate audit findings, and report periodically to the CEO and the Audit and Risk Committee any corrective actions not effectively implemented.
  • Ensure the principles of integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and competency are applied and upheld.
  • Ensure the Internal Audit Division collectively possesses or obtains the knowledge, skills, and other competencies needed to meet the requirements of the Internal Audit Charter.
  • Ensure trends and emerging issues that could impact the Bank are considered and communicated to the CEO and the Audit and Risk Committee as appropriate.
  • Establish and ensure adherence to policies and procedures designed to guide the Internal Audit Division.
  • Ensure adherence to the Bank's relevant policies and procedures, unless such policies and procedures conflict with the Internal Audit Charter. Any such conflicts will be resolved or otherwise communicated to the CEO and the Audit and Risk Committee.
  • Ensure conformance of the Internal Audit Division with the Standards. If necessary, arrange a partial outsource of internal audit activities, coordinate such activities and ensure quality of such activities.


  • Professional Accounting or  Internal Audit Qualification mandatory
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in relevant area within the banking industry
  • An international mind-set and intercultural sensitivity

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