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RGF Staffing Almere

Looking for an exciting new opportunity to make a positive impact on the world? We are currently seeking a talented and experienced Global Head of Sustainability Programs to join the sustainability team of RGF Staffing at the Headquarters in Almere.

RGF Staffing connects individuals and businesses. Through its global network RGF Staffing offers a broad set of HR services for people and businesses in various sectors. They help people to find the right job, and support companies by developing smart workforce solutions.

The company aspires to be a global leader in sustainability, with a mission to create positive change in the world through sustainable business practices. RGF Staffing is committed to reducing environmental impact and improving the social and economic well-being of the communities where she operates. By 2030 RGF Staffing is aiming to be the world’s most sustainable staffing company.

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As Global Head of Sustainability Programs, you will play a critical part in developing and executing sustainability initiatives that align with the RGF Staffing mission, values, and long-term goals. You will work closely with the Chief Sustainability Officer and cross-functional teams to integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of the business, while tracking and reporting on sustainability metrics and engaging with stakeholders to promote sustainability and drive positive environmental and social impact.

As Global Head of Sustainability Programs, you will be responsible for ensuring that sustainability is integrated into all aspects of the business. You will engage with stakeholders, including investors, NGOs and government agencies to promote transparency and accountability in all sustainability efforts. Furthermore you will be responsible for the communication of the sustainability initiatives to internal and external stakeholders. As Global Head of Sustainability Programs you will stay up-to-date on the latest sustainability trends and best practices and incorporate this knowledge into the company’s strategy and initiatives. 


  • Bachelor's or advanced degree in a relevant field, such as sustainability, environmental science, program management or business economics.
  • >  8 years of relevant experience in (global) program management in a sustainability or related field.
  • Excellent project management skills and a strong understanding of sustainability issues and best practices.
  • Excellent communication skills and a passion for sustainability and driving positive environmental and social impact through business practices.
  • Strategic and hands on approach.
  • Strong in complex international stakeholder management.

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